Sunday, September 24, 2017


     For my first entry into this series, i wanted to take a look at one of my fvorite JRPG titles of all time, FINAL FANTASY XIII. released in the USA in march of 2010, XIII was at the time the first final fantasy game to enter the new HD era of console gaming. compared to previous fianl fantasy entries it had a somewhat unique ATB, or automated battle system, as well as high definition graphics.

     To begin, I would like to make you aware that this article is %100 my opinion, so you may agree or dissagree. I would also like to hear what everyone has to say about the game so please comment with your opinion(s).

     It seems that, at least in the final fantasy fan community, that there is a lot of animocity about final fantasy XIII. there is alot of criticism bout the game for several different reasons, and i will address a few along the way, however I want to start with why I love the game. for the most part when someone enjoys a game they either like the story or gameplay, and as you will find out I enjoy a game mostly for the story. In my opinion, XIII has an amazing story. the plot begins in the world of cocoon, a floating city above the world of Gran Pulse. i the story, there are beings called Fal'cie, which are basically demi-gods who are fueding with each other. On one side you have the sanctum Fal'cie who protect and provide for Cocoon and its citezens, and on the other you have the Pulse Fal'cie who thrive on the planet of Gran Pulse. These god-like entities use humans to do their bidding, by turning them into L'Cie, and give them a focus they must complete. The story begins durring the purge, a mass exodus event that occurs because a pulse Fal'Cie found its way to cocoon and "tainted" many people. Lightning, the main character, finds herself caught up in the Purge while looking for her sister, Serah.

     Being a Final Fantasy fan, I think they did a really good job with the story and environment, however it seems that it was too good of a job. The story was very detailed and provided alot of character developement, at least for the main characters. I beleive that because of this, some people didnt like it. Your probably thinking, but if the story is super good, why would people hate it? well the reason is because the story was so detailed that it wasnt explained very well in gameplay, you had to do a little digging and read the in game data log, and if your a super nerd like me, lookup the lore of the universe online. all and all those things arent neccesary to have a good experience with the game and story, but it does fill in those blanks that may arrise due to the fast paced storyline in the begining of the game. but again, i enjoyed it because I love the story, and I love that it pushed me to be engaged with it on a nother level other than just watching the cut scenes.

     Although story is my big guilty pleaure in games, the gameplay and systems of the game have to be barable, and thats what Final Fantasy XIII's gameplay is, barable. now yes, it is still one of my favorite games that I have ever played, however the battle system was a bit, automatic. now of coure the first word in the ATB system is automated, but it was super button mashy. with enough grinding here and there you could litterally press X the entire game durring battle and beat the game, of course using your other funtions as well. the battle system itself didnt really get intricate until the last few levels of the game, and some select boss battles. now the good thing about this is that you could still choose not to use the auto battle feature, so you as a player could choose the emersion level when it comes to battle. honestly for me however, having finshed multiple play throughs, It feels like a really pretty skin for a turned bassed system.

     The battle system wasnt the only scetchy part of this game, there was also the games linearity. unfortunatly, all but one map in the entire game is bassically a hallway, for lack of a better term. there were not very many paths you could take instead of the main one, however this is another reaso n why I enjoy the game. it sounds crazy, but yes this made me like it even more. For one, the background and scenery in the game is absolutely amazing, so graphically I didnt really notice that I couldn't go to the places I saw on my screen, I just felt like I was in this huge map walking on a as far as my preference is concerned, I dont enjoy too many open world games, because I feel overwelmed. I consider my self somewhat of a completionist, so games like that frustate me to no end. In XIII i felt great knowing that I didnt have to worry about being lost, and missing out on finding something hidden, as well as helping me get to that next cutscene faster. ( and out of my 40- hour playthrough there were 8 hours of cut scenes!)

     All in all I really enjoyed this game, and I think if your a little patient and give it a shot, even the most pesimistic fianl fantasy fan could come to love XIII.

I give Final Fantasy XIII 8.5/10 Kupo's!
story: 10/10
gameplay 7/10

If you have something to add, or just want to comment on the things I have said, feel free to let me know! 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

From A to RPG

Hello, if you couldn't tell by the title of the blog, my name is Claire. I am an average girl who loves all things RPG. this is my first entry into the series, ClairEfiles, that I am starting and wanted to give a bit of an intro. I have some great opinions and facts about roll playing games at my disposal, including J-rpg titles and anime to western style rpg's. since this is what I'm passionate about, this is what I will be discussing and look forward to providing information, as well as receiving it! as a reader I should set your expectations that you will see a lot of square enix titles and well as other J-rpg's as this is my expertise, and don't be surprised if I throw a few non rpg titles in the mix (for reference purposes, kupo!) I look forward to producing this blog so stick around,, and most of all keep a healthy supply of potions!


     For my first entry into this series, i wanted to take a look at one of my fvorite JRPG titles of all time, FINAL FANTASY XIII. release...